Why Flurry Labs?

Through evolution by design – we address market change and exploit technology developments, to evolve our definition of best in class and drive continuous improvements that enable our customers to achieve competitive advantage in this face-paced economy. We deliver intelligent solutions through a combination of market insight, technical excellence and unrivalled methodology, providing talents that transform our clients’ businesses.

Agile Nation

The digital economy, enabled by astonishing advances in technology, is re-imagining the provider-customer dynamics and transforming how goods and services are bought and sold. Customer-centric, tech-enabled, well-capitalized, new model providers are disrupting incumbents across industries. What about employees?

This sea-change means that many traditional jobs are morphing into something different or disappearing altogether. Upskilling is the process of preparing the workforce to fill these new positions. To borrow from Wayne Gretzky, upskilling is installing competencies that enable workers and companies to “skate to where the puck will be.” 

Upskilling entails learning of new skills, but it also involves a cultural shift and change management. It also requires a global perspective, agile adaptation, cultural diversity and awareness. The digital age requires that workers—no matter the industry–have technical skills and an ability to acquire new competencies required by a remarkably fast-paced, fluid marketplace where legacy boundaries separating industries are increasingly blurred.

Contact us if you:

  • need to teach yourself or your talents "Learning for Life-Mindset"
  • want to maximise results of "Human & Machine Collaboration"
  • feeling ready to embrace "New Ways of Doing Things"

  • As a part of our agility that seats in the bottom of your hearts, we have decided to focus on current need of easing stress of returning to job market. Please find out more below:

    Sales Bloom

    Having the right sales strategy will make or break your business. From doubling down on perfecting your cold email outreach, to identifying profitable niche markets, leveraging storytelling, knowing how to follow up the right way and more.

    Most of the so-called “best practices” out there won’t help your sales team succeed. Instead of following a fill-in-the-blanks template, create a strategy that communicates more value in your sales conversations. Created sales strategy – unlike one for marketing or product – will narrow your focus on one very important aspect of your success. While marketing strategy focuses on increasing your visibility, a well-defined sales strategy helps you make real quantifiable profits.

    Contact us if you need to:

  • design your sales process
  • power your teams with sales technology
  • shape your go-to-market and lead generation strategy
  • raise your sales IQ
  • execute sales strategy

  • Design Thinking

    Design Thinking Fuels Innovations. This scalable concept can be applied incrementally to improve existing ideas or it can be applied radically to create disruptive solutions that meet the needs of people in entirely new ways. We will support you in re-shaping future.


    Brainstorming often goes one of two ways — either ideas fly around the room in an overwhelming chaos, never to be remembered, or creativity is stifled, leaving only a few unenthusiastic suggestions at the end of the meeting. However, when properly facilitated, design thinking is one of the most effective ways to generate creative solutions and catapult innovative thinking into action.

    Contact us if you need:

  • to teach your people how to problem-slove
  • foster innovation and teamwork
  • secure a competitive advantage of your business

  • Distribution Hub

    Twenty years of experience working in Poland and abroad made me believe that open mind is a key to each success. This approach allowed me to learn, experience, fail and succeed. Now, I feel strong enough to present two of my life-dream projects. Please read more below:

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